“A new level reached”: strong reactions around the world after the unprecedented attack carried out against Israel by Iran

The unprecedented attack carried out by Iran against Israel on Saturday, which will be the subject of an emergency meeting of the Security Council and a summons of the members of the 7th on Sunday, has sparked strong condemnation around the world and calls for restraint. Here are the main reactions.

  • Biden condemns ‘brazen’ attack, ‘unwavering’ support for Israel

“Our commitment to Israel’s security in the face of threats from Iran and its proxies (in the region) is unwavering,” US President Joe Biden wrote on the social network an emergency meeting with his national security team at the White House. He then “condemned these attacks in the strongest terms”, calling them “shameless” and reaffirming his “unwavering” support for Israel. U.S. forces helped shoot down “nearly all” of the Iranian projectiles, he said in a statement.

  • UN chief condemns “serious escalation”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday strongly condemned “the serious escalation” represented by Iran’s attack on Israel, and called for “an immediate cessation of these hostilities”. He said he was “deeply alarmed by the very real danger of a devastating region-wide escalation”, saying “urge all parties to exercise the utmost restraint in order to avoid any action that could lead to major military confrontations on several fronts in the Middle East.

  • Riyadh calls on all parties to “restraint”

The Saudi Foreign Ministry called on “all parties to exercise utmost restraint and spare the region and its people from the dangers of war,” according to a statement. While expressing his “deep concern” about the “military escalation” in the region, he called on the UN Security Council to “assume its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security “.

  • Cairo warns of “risk of expansion” of conflict

Egypt affirmed through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs “to call for maximum restraint” and “to be in direct contact with all parties to the conflict to try to contain the situation”, warning against the “risk of regional expansion of the conflict.

  • Beijing expresses its “deep concern”, calls for “calm”

“China expresses its deep concern about the current worsening (of the situation) and calls on the parties concerned to exercise calm and restraint in order to avoid a further escalation” of tensions, indicated the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • London condemns “dangerous” attack

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned “in the strongest possible terms the Iranian regime’s dangerous attack on Israel” assuring that the United Kingdom would “continue to defend Israel’s security” by announcing the sending of planes additional combat in the Middle East. “Alongside our allies, we are working urgently to stabilize the situation and prevent an escalation. No one wants to see further bloodshed,” Mr. Sunak said in a statement, estimating that “these strikes risk inflaming the tensions and destabilize the region.

  • The EU “strongly condemns” an “unacceptable” attack

The head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell “strongly” condemned the “unacceptable” attack launched on Saturday evening by Iran against Israel. “It constitutes an unprecedented escalation and a serious threat to regional security,” added the official on X.

  • Paris condemns an attack which “crosses a new level”

Paris condemned the attack carried out against Israel by Iran which “crosses a new level in its destabilizing actions”, French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné reacted on Saturday on X. “By deciding on such an unprecedented action, Iran is taking a new level in its destabilizing actions and taking the risk of a military escalation,” he wrote, adding that “France reaffirms its attachment to the security of Israel and assures it of its solidarity.

  • Berlin warns of risk of “chaos”

Germany warned on Sunday that Iran’s attack on Israel could “plunge the entire region into chaos.” “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing attack, which could plunge the entire region into chaos,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on X, urging “Iran and its proxies to cease immediately” and adding that Berlin stands “firmly alongside Israel”.

  • Rome expresses “its concern”

Italy is following the situation “with attention and concern” after the launch of Iranian drones against Israel, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced on X on Saturday evening.

  • Ottawa sees “a contempt of the Iranian regime for peace”

“Canada unequivocally condemns” these air attacks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement, declaring his “solidarity with Israel”. They “once again demonstrate the Iranian regime’s contempt for peace and stability in the region,” he believes.

  • Caracas denounces “the irrationality of the Israeli regime”

“Due to the genocide in Palestine and the irrationality of the Israeli regime, as well as the inaction of the United Nations system, the situation of instability in the region has considerably worsened in recent weeks,” he said. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil. According to him, “peace will only be guaranteed when justice and international law are restored, particularly with regard to the Palestinian people and the State of Palestine.”

  • Buenos Aires in solidarity with Israel

Argentine President Javier Milei expressed “his solidarity and unwavering commitment to the State of Israel in the face of the attacks launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran,” in a statement.

  • Mexico “deeply concerned”

The Mexican government said on X that it was “deeply concerned” by this attack and by “the cost that this action could have in terms of thousands of human lives”.

  • Santiago “worried” about this “serious escalation”

Chile’s Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren expressed on X his “concern over the serious escalation of tensions in the Middle East and Iranian attacks against Israel.”

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