a new mind-blowing reaction from the consultant has been unveiled

A second censored excerpt from Marie Portolano’s documentary, “I am not a slut, I am a journalist!”, Was unveiled by the site Les Jours. The journalist confronts Pierre Ménès and his response is simply unbearable .

Sunday March 21, 2021, the documentary “I am not a slut, I am a journalist!” brought back to the heart of the discussions the accusations of sexual assault against Pierre Ménès. Some passages had been cut during the editing, revealed the site Les Jours, by order of Canal +. A first extract was unveiled on C8 on Monday, March 22, 2021 in the TPMP program, which had offered a platform to Pierre Ménès so that he could minimize his actions and defend himself. A second extract has just been unveiled by Les Jours on March 24, 2021. It shows Pierre Ménès confronted with his actions towards his colleague Isabelle Moreau, whom he had kissed by surprise live.

Facing Marie Portolano, Isabelle Moreau regrets this sequence, which harmed her psychologically and in terms of image. “What credibility can be given to a woman who can be kissed like that, at will?” she asks. She shows that during this streak, she had no choice but to let it go, and admits: “So I played the game”, so as not to break the atmosphere of the show. She speaks of a deleterious result for her career and of the cruelty of these images which do not disappear on the internet. These break years of hard work in an environment where women have to work harder than men to be taken seriously.

Pierre Ménès’ reaction? once again, the sports consultant defends himself from any aggression under the guise of humor and levity. And if he admits that vswould not happen today “, he defends himself: when it happens, “she doesn’t take it badly”, according to him. “She puts her hand around me”, he justified himself, adding that the journalist never spoke to him directly about his deep discomfort.

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The shaky arguments of Pierre Ménès

Pierre Ménès implies that his colleague, a seasoned journalist, rereads the moment through the prism of the current context and that at the time, nothing serious has happened. “It is society which dictates to her what she says there”, he asserts. Even knowing that Isabelle Moreau was very touched, the consultant shows an inability to put himself “instead of”. His defense is based on a claim: he would not be an aggressor but a colorful character, going so far as to say that he does not regret his act.

Now, as the journalist says Maia Mazaurette in the Daily show of March 23, 2021, all these arguments do not hold. First of all, to say that surprise kissing is light and fun is only one way of silencing victims and those who defend them, by passing them off as the killings of service. Then, to say that Isabelle Moreau is making a scandal today that she did not do ten years ago is also a form of manipulation: obviously that any aggressor has an interest in seeing his acts evoked in the privacy, rather that publicly and in a movement against patriarchy.

Moreover, how could the victim have spoken to him about it when it is clear that he would not have questioned himself more at the time? We always find the same line of defense, the recipe of which we reveal to you in this article. Hopefully this indigestible cocktail is no longer valid!

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