A new Street Fighter game is coming to Android and iOS but… there’s a “but”

Robin Lamorlette

February 03, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.


Street Fighter Duel © Crunchyroll / Capcom

© Crunchyroll / Capcom

Waiting Street Fighter 6Capcom and Crunchyroll are starting to roll out a free-to-play mobile game titled Street Fighter: Duel.

In any case, it is already possible to pre-register on the Apple Store and the Play Store via the source below. But it is however necessary to moderate its ardor as for this nomadic version of the famous franchise of fighting games…

Here comes a new mobile game »

Street Fighter: Duel presents itself as the first RPG of the license “. There is indeed no question here, as its name suggests, of participating in one-on-one duels, but in team fights. The idea is therefore to assemble a team of fighters before each mission, according to their abilities and their synergies.

A single-player campaign will be part of it, in which you will have to build your dream team in order to defeat Seth and the army of Shadaloo clones (the evil organization created in particular by M. Bison). The fights can be managed automatically, but each fighter can also be controlled manually for better management of the team.

An online mode will of course be present, in which the automatic management of the team will be deactivated, leaving the players to use their gray matter to defeat their opponents of flesh and bone.

Street Free-to-Play

On paper, the proposal is quite interesting. “But”, you will have understood: when we talk about free-to-play games, and even more so on mobile phones, they are more keen to take their players for cash cows than to offer them a good gaming experience (except marvel snapwho surprisingly presents himself as a very good student in this field).

And that’s unfortunately what seems to happen with Street Fighter: Duel. Who says to gather a team of fighters, therefore says that it is necessary to collect them. Obviously, the most emblematic and powerful characters will certainly be a challenge to obtain… unless you go to checkout.

We can already feel the carrot coming, since the pre-registration is accompanied by the granting of an anthology of in-game currencies of yet unknown utility, which will increase according to the number of pre-registered. If despite these obvious red flags, you want to try Street Fighter: Duelthis game published by Crunchyroll (known for its dubious mobile games) will arrive later this month on Android and iOS.

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