A new study conducted by Xbox analyzes the relationship of women to the video game industry

Even if several studies show it, it is not yet acquired by everyone that half of the people who play video games in France are gamers. In order to shake up again certain clichés that remain, even in 2022, Xbox and THAT’S IT (not the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, but Consumer Science & Analytics) today published a new study that provides a better understanding of the relationship of French women to the video game industry, with surveys of more than 1,000 women aged 16-30.

More and more young players

This study shows that 56% of women surveyed play video games daily, and not only to smartphone games as the old clichés might suggest. On the panel questioned, we certainly find 87% of female players who play games on smartphones, but also 75% on home consoles, and finally 60% on PC.

If video games have long been seen as a male hobby, this is no longer the case today in the collective unconscious (fortunately). 61% of women surveyed say that this activity is not just for mendespite the fact that 53% of them think that there are as many female players as male players.

An environment that is not representative enough

In addition to analyzing today’s audience, the study also looked at the place of women in the video game industry, and as you can imagine, it’s always more complicated here, despite a desire for openness.

83% of women surveyed here see the video game sector as attractive, and 36% would be willing to work in this field. But as stated Morgane Falaizepresident of the association Women in Games in France, at present, ” our French studios have only 22% of women among their workforce “.

It must be said that for most respondents, female players mostly feel stigmatized. The industry would also find it very difficult to properly represent women, since 79% of respondents believe that female characters are not representative enough of the image of women.

We invite you to read the complete study on the Xbox site, quite edifying on the subject, while redirecting you to the mentoring program carried out by the brand. Note that a round table on the subject will take place on Wednesday June 22 at 6 p.m. on the Xbox France Twitch channel.

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