a new update available, it will change everything!

This was a long-awaited feature, and it’s finally here. Suffice to say that it will change everything for players of The Witcher 3 on PC.

No rest for the wicked. CD Projekt RED is currently focusing almost all its efforts on The Witcher 4. An episode which will initiate a whole new trilogy and which will put Geralt aside in favor of another character (Ciri please). Part of the workforce is working on the beginnings of the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, while another continues to monitor the latest games from the Polish studio. Today, The Witcher 3 is entitled to a new update which brings a long-requested functionality.

New update for The Witcher 3

November 2023, CD Projekt RED finally announced work on REDkit, its own official mod editor. The tool first went through the early access box, but today it finally arrives in version 1.0 thanks to the new free update of The Witcher 3. A patch only intended for PC versions, which therefore brings some changes to support the arrival of this new functionality thanks to which we will see a whole bunch of even more advanced personalized content flourish in the coming weeks. In addition, modders will have access to all of the game’s assets to create whatever comes to mind and change absolutely anything they want in the game. New quests, equipment, areas, hairstyles… the field of possibilities is endless.

CD Projekt RED has integrated Steam Workshop support into The Witcher 3, but players will still be able to use their favorite mods from Nexus Mods or any other platform. Their installation is just simplified, now all you need is a little click and presto it’s automatically installed. If you don’t yet see the new Witcher 3 update on your PC, don’t panic, it is still being deployed. Here are the official patch notes:

Official notes patch

  • Enabling Steam Workshop in The Witcher 3
  • Support for DLC mods (mods that include entirely new content) from the Steam Workshop
  • Added new simplified mod identifiers
  • Added full support for loading DLC ​​mods.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when loading additional content from mods.

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