a new update with highly anticipated changes

EA FC 24 has received yet another new update with a number of changes. You will see, they are rather substantial.

Electronic Arts has recently attracted the wrath of gamers. For good reason, there was a problem in EA FC 24. The latter impacted the Team Creation Challenges system, with an excessive distribution of Lionel Messi’s Team of the Year cards. We are not going to go into detail about the affair, but some people judged that it “broke the game”. The publisher’s response wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but perhaps the new update that rolled out will be. It brings some welcome changes to the experience.

A new update for EA FC 24

For information, this ninth big patch has been available since February 6. But it’s never too late to inform you of the changes that EA FC 24 has undergone. This time, we will mainly focus on the gameplay. The big part of the update, apart from the stability improvement, concerns shots from the outside of the foot. This mechanic has been overhauled, and it will be visibly less effective. It is a way of forcing the player to review his style of play, especially when he is facing the goal, ready to shoot.

Apart from this retouching which can change many things, there is not much important to highlight. The idea is not to say that there is nothing interesting to note. However, above all, we are faced with various and varied corrective measures. Once again, the goal (no pun intended) is to eliminate as many bugs as possible to guarantee more quality games. EA FC 24 owners probably won’t say no to these changes, especially since it can be annoying to lose a match due to a technical problem.

Update 9 Patch Notes

Below, we will give you the complete list of changes brought about by update 9 for EA FC 24. As we explained to you, there are some interesting changes to note. It goes without saying that this will be good for the game, even if it will not necessarily appease the anger of players following the big bug that caused controversy. We’ll let you discover all this:

Ultimate Team

  • A stability issue could occur when placing a previously evolved player item into an evolution slot.
  • Some player item rarities could display incorrectly.
  • The video player in the News menu did not expand to full screen.
  • On rare occasions, pyrotechnics could appear in the center of the field in EA FC 24.

Career Mode

  • In Player career, duplicate requests could appear in the Decisions tab.
  • Players could have the Bell Shooting PlayStyles without fulfilling its requirements.
  • In Player Career, some Training Exercises did not use the Pro created by the player.


  • Improved AI teammate positioning and marking decisions in back-passing scenarios.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of outside-foot shots for players with or without PlayStyle.
  • Moderate reduction in accuracy of shots with the outside of the foot.
  • Improved the logic for calling fouls from the referee inside the area following a clearance attempt.
  • Reduced the maximum topspin potential the ball can have from an outside-foot shot.
  • Updated player selection logic when using Secondary Selection.
  • Sometimes the attacking player could unintentionally trip over the arms of the defender attempting a sliding tackle.
  • In certain situations, the goalkeeper could make a mistake in picking up the ball after it had passed by a teammate’s foot.

General, audio and visual in EA FC 24

  • Updated some billboards, player models, trophies, fan chants, kits, hair, sleeve sponsors and badges, shoes, balls, faces, stadium themes, VIP areas, match scenes and tifos.
  • In some technical set-piece plays, the defensive wall was not always positioned as expected.
  • Fixed instances of stability issues that could arise.
  • In some set piece training situations, the defending side did not always position the wall as expected.
  • Fixed instances where the UI was not displaying correctly during certain technical games.
  • Resolved instances of alternate text and images in EA FC 24.

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