a new variant detected in a baby in the United States

A new variant has been detected in the United States on several patients, including a baby. If he is doing well today, this discovery worries scientists.

A scientific study published on February 10, 2021 reveals the appearance of a new variant of Covid-19. If it has yet to be validated by other researchers, the doctors behind it indicate that this form of the disease has been detected in nine patients in the United States, in the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, as well as 'in Washington, and especially in a baby.

This child tested positive for Covid-19 last September. Doctors caring for him at a Washington hospital made a strange discovery: while toddlers are much less affected by the disease, he had a viral load 51,418 times the average of those infected, AFP reports. They are also less affected by severe forms, but this baby had very intense symptoms.

The study reveals that genetic sequencing of samples taken from the baby showed that it was a variant of the still unknown coronavirus. Eight other patients have been tested with the same form in the United States. According to the scientists, one and the same person would be at the origin of the contamination of these nine patients. They add that five other cases have been spotted in Australia, Brazil and Japan.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding this discovery. First of all, the researchers indicate that they cannot say with certainty whether the baby had a high viral load because of the specificities of Covid-19 so it was affected or if it was a simple coincidence. They also explain not knowing if this is a rare case, and therefore without consequences, or if this new variant could spread across the world in the same way as those discovered in the United Kingdom, South Africa or still in Brazil. However, the baby is doing well and is fully recovered.

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