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If the candidates and former candidates of the program Large families often have happy news to share, it happens that they also share the most tragic and disturbing.

“In seconds, everything changed.” On January 11, the Gryffon family, known thanks to the show Large families, announced the birth of a new member of the family. For this sixth child, Jenny and Damien welcomed a little girl they named Valentina. While everything was going for the best and the couple had already shared several touching pictures of their baby, a visit to the midwife changed everything. This February 2, the mother of the family gave her news via an Instagram post.

Although “confident and very positive”Jenny Gryffon details why her “smile gave way to tears”. “The weight gain was not there and his complexion seemed very white, he had to go to the hospital urgently, she explains. In the emergency room, they quickly realized that she was in respiratory distress and that she urgently needed to be put on oxygen, then a whole battery of examinations began. When the mother of the family shared this experience, little Valentina was “in intensive pediatric care on oxygen, on a gastric tube, on a drip” without his parents knowing what was the diagnosis. “My heart is in shreds, I’m afraid of what could happen to him”confides the mother.

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Positive news for the Gryffon family

During this sad announcement, the mother of the family had promised to share news of her daughter gradually, and it is now done. On February 3, she posted a new photo of her daughter taking stock of the situation. “Today the news is quite positive,” she began by reassuring. “The oxygen was stopped in the goggles to make room for air and Valentina managed to endure the change, the amount of milk in her tube was increased and the infusion of rehydration solution stopped”, she lists. A clear improvement which could allow a transition from the intensive care unit to the pediatric service if the results continue on this path. “I feel more serene, The medical team of the sheave department is incredible, Valentina is in good hands”wanted to assure Jenny Gryffon while thanking hospital staff.


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