a nice tribute to a cult game in Andor

Since the end of September, Star Wars fans can enjoy the Andor series and it seems to be full of winks for fans. Explanations.

For the moment the Star Wars Andor program has good press and has a good reception from the spectators. It must be said that the series is a small delight for fans, in particular by dealing with subjects that were not very detailed before, such as the real tyranny that the imperial regime of Emperor Palpatine represents. It is also an opportunity for Disney to slip in subtle references…

Star Wars: The power of the Force in Andor?

Thus, and without going into script details so as not to spoil those who have not yet started the said series, we can find in Luthen’s gallery which houses several strange objects from all over the galaxy, Starkiller’s armor from the game Star Wars: Power of the Force. You can find this appearance in the video below, which remember the spoiler absolutely nothing on the scenario of Andor.

A very beautiful armor which will be able to recall with nostalgia how much (and despite its faults) the game Pouvoir de la Force was quite grandiose to play, with a real feeling of power and very pleasant script choices. Notably thanks to the presence of several different endings, depending on whether you were more the soul of a Jedi or a Sith.

What kind of easter eggs would you like to see in the Andor series? Tell us in the comments session.

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