“A nightmare”: Karin Viard without filter on the very conflictual relationship with one of her daughters: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

In full promotion of the film Madame de Sévignéwhich will be released in theaters on Wednesday February 28, 2024, Karin Viard was present on the set of C to you, February 26. While the film traces the complex relationship between a mother and her daughter, the actress revealed that she had been in conflict with one of her daughters for a long time. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then wanted to know why relations were strained with her daughter. “No, it wasn’t at all a little tense right now, it was a nightmare. It’s been a relationship nightmare.”she said before adding: “It was a long, extremely difficult, very toxic relationship. in which I participated without being aware of it at all. By not knowing what to do, by being very willing. But it lasted and it was very violent”. Today, to her greatest happiness, Karin Viard assured that the relationship with her daughter had “soothed”. She did not reveal with which of her two daughters, Marguerite (25 years old) and Simone (24 years old), born from her previous union with Laurent Machuel, relations had been particularly conflictual.

This period with her daughter was difficult to manage for Karin Viard

When she received the script for Madame de Sévigné, ten years ago, the one who said she was the victim of inappropriate behavior on the part of Gérard Depardieu was in the middle of a crisis with her daughter. She then said to herself that the subject was very modern. “It turns out that it was my subject. Ten years later, fortunately, it’s no longer my subject but it’s quite disturbing to note that it goes so far over the centuries”, she further clarified. If this period was particularly difficult to manage for the 58-year-old actress, today she is closer than ever to her two daughters. Although she listens to her children and is protective of them, she nevertheless wishes to give them their space of freedom. “I think that pleasure, desire, envy is the best emotional fuel between two people, and so I try to create a climate that is conducive to envy and not to duty”she declared on Europe 1, on February 25, 2024.

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