A Pac-Man movie is in the works, by the producer of the Sonic movies

Even if certain productions are planted in beauty, especially from a critical point of view, the adaptations of video games to the cinema represent a new El Dorado for the producers of Hollywood. And all it takes is a success or two for some growers to feel like they’re growing, like chuck williamsproducer of the first film sonicwho got it into his head that a movie Pac man could work just as well as a feature film about the blue hedgehog.

Nobody asked for it, but it’s almost here

The very serious The Hollywood Reporter indicates today that Bandai Namco has partnered with the production company Wayfarer Studios, on an idea of ​​Chuck Williams, to produce a film based on the very famous license Pac man.

The icon of the 80s will therefore be entitled to his own film, although we do not know everything about him for the moment. All that is known is that it should follow the same path as the Sonic movies, since it will be a live action film, with very real actors and actresses (apart from Pac-Man and company). The project is now in its infancy, and it will be a while before we know more.

However, this is not the first time that we will be able to see Pac-Man on the big screen. In the past, this famous character has appeared in many films, such as in the very forgettable pixels, directed by Chris Columbus and starring Adam Sandler. Let’s hope for a better result here.

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