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The ascendant Aquarius zodiac sign Scorpio has very interesting characteristics and personality: discover with us what these characteristics are, how he behaves in love and what are his compatibilities with the other signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope!

Are you Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio or do you know someone of this astrological sign and you would like to know all their characteristics and love affinities with the other signs of the horoscope? You are in the right place ! The sign of the rising Aquarius Scorpio is endowed with a spirit original and deep. Here is Everything you need to know on this astrological sign according to the horoscope.

Aquarius rising Scorpio: what are the characteristics of this zodiac sign?

According to astrology, the Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio is a sign of a very deep personality, capable of great intuition and at the same time of intelligence that allow him to fully understand the person in front of him, even in a short time.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio is characterized by great originality: people born under this sign are always distinguished by their anti-conformism, which is never an end in itself, but always responds to their very personal vision of life and the world. Aquarius ascendant Scorpio are able to understand each situation on the fly, to empathize with those in front of them, but – at the same time – to remain rational in their choices, always true to themselves and their ideas.

The Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio have a great relational capacity: they have no difficulty making friends, becoming the leader of the group and integrating. And yet their mind remains elusive : they do not deliver their true intimacy and their thoughts (if high-pitched, intelligent and deep) only to people they can trust one hundred percent.

In love, this sign knows no compromise : man or woman, when they fall in love, this zodiac sign lives with intensity and full of passion, they like to live catchy, disturbing stories, full of twists and turns. In good Aquarius, however, people of this sign do not do not give up their freedom, on the contrary: they like to cultivate their solitude. Sometimes theAscendant Scorpio can create some internal conflict. So, in a relationship, they want at all costs to enjoy their autonomy and freedom, but at the same time, they show themselves rather possessive towards their love.

At work, people born under the astrological sign of Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio are always successful, because they are able to build a network of contacts and to look after their relations with great professionalism. In addition, their marked intelligence, determination and empathy make them truly indispensable!

Aquarius rising Scorpio: when an air sign receives the influence of a water sign

The Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio balances the personality of air signs with that of water signs, in a blend that is certainly fascinating, if not without some contradictions. The character of Aquarius (and therefore of the air sign) is sociable, very creative, anti-conformist, idealistic, while the ascendant Scorpio (water sign) tends to a certain aggressiveness, susceptibility, introversion, but also to a capacity ofdeeper empathy with others.

The person born in the astrological sign of Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio saw this internal contradiction in a state of perpetual turmoil, as if it always had a new desire to conquer. It is difficult for this zodiac sign to be satisfied in his life, both in love and at work: if he has achieved a goal, he doesn’t even celebrate it, but is already looking towards the next one!

The ambition of Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio is matched only by his polemical verve: on the one hand, he can be very critical of his neighbors, on the other hand, he is often a person ready to devote oneself to actions humanitarian, socially engaged to improve the lives of others. The ideals of the Ascendant Aquarius Scorpio are really very high and if it applies to anything it can also be tvery captivating and magnetic.

The risk for people born under this star sign is to ignore the opinions of others too much, convinced that they are of their own and always focused on their own goals and ideals, too high and humanitarian be they. They aren’t afraid to go against the grain and don’t really care what other people think, if they are. convinced of their own ideas !

The Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio are very curious about all aspects of life and can seem a bit egotistical at times. Even in love, there is the risk that they will be accused of selfishness, but they remain very faithful. Be careful, however, to don’t make them angry because they don’t forget …

Aquarius ascendant Scorpio in love: the affinities of the couple with the other astrological signs

Now let’s take a look at the love compatibility between the ascending Aquarius Scorpio and the other astrological signs, keeping in mind, however, that – for a more accurate assessment of the relationship – it would be important to know the ascendant of the partner.

An Aquarius ascendant Scorpio has a good compatibility with an Aries : these two signs are very curious, investigative, ready to fight for their ideas. There is however the risk, for the Aries, of not being able to fully understand the feelings of such an elusive sign, which will never let itself be dominated as an Aries would …

The astrological signs of Aquarius and Taurus are very distant from each other, and the Scorpio ascendant of Aquarius would only increase this profound difference in character, in the way of conceiving and living life: Aquarius risks being too unpredictable for Taurus and Taurus too predictable for Aquarius … There can be some sexual chemistry, however.

The affinity between the Aquarius and Gemini is really good: in love, these two astrological signs really sparkle! The intellectual exchange is stimulating, just like the life between the sheets … Aquarius ascendant Scorpio must however be careful to put aside his more possessive side.

Between the sign of Aquarius and that of Cancer, according to the horoscope, there is not a great deal. Cancer needs more care and attention than the detached and idealistic Aquarius would find difficult to give. Ascendant in Scorpio, in this case, could help bring the couple closer together.

The Aquarius and Leo are two opposite polarities in astrology, but as a couple they work very well, even if the conflicts are not lacking: the attraction is certainly strong, but the Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio find it hard to tolerate the egocentricity of Leo.

Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio and Virgo have a great understanding from a mental point of view: these are two signs that are perfectly understood and compatible at work. Unfortunately, Aquarius could see in the precision and in the agitation of the Virgin a brake on his innate need to dream and pursue ever greater goals …

The relationship between the Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio and Libra, make sparks under the sheets! Aquarius and Libra are two signs that are in harmony with each other, who manage to reward each other both mentally and physically. The ascendant Scorpio increases passion, but also jealousy …

The Scorpio ascendant can also help the couple formed by the astrological signs of the Aquarius and Scorpio : these signs are too different in nature to establish a lasting relationship, but if Aquarius has the ascendant in Scorpio, he will be easier to meet and to understand each other.

Between a Aquarius and a Sagittarius, the couple’s affinity is really perfect: they are two astrological signs who love to travel and experience new adventures. The ascendant Aquarius Scorpio will however have to pay close attention to do not make scenes that could make Sagittarius feel trapped, or they risk flying away without him!

Aquarius ascendant Scorpio and Capricorn undoubtedly have great mental compatibility. Their way of approaching life is radically different, however, and it is easier to develop a relationship between them. relationship of mutual esteem and friendship than lasting love. The Scorpio ascendant, however, makes Aquarius more attracted to Capricorn on a physical level.

Aquarius rising Scorpio and Aquarius, according to the horoscope, do not mix well: the relationship may be rather smoky, we need an ascendant that will give the story more solidity and concrete. The Scorpio ascendant, moreover, risks accentuating aggressiveness in any disagreement, as well as general distrust.

The Aquarius ascendant Scorpio and those born under the sign of Pisces, well, might feel a great attraction to each other at first, but in the long run, Aquarius might find Pisces too oppressive and Pisces too detached from Aquarius.

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