a pediatrician accused of slapping a 2 year old child

A mother lodged a complaint after her 2-year-old son was abused by a doctor during a consultation.

" I was shocked. It was so improbable! " This 28-year-old mother is still in shock. While her 2-year-old son was in full consultation, the pediatrician allegedly slapped the child in the face.

Kenza Challal, 28, went to Amiens police station to file a complaint of willful violence, Courrier Picard said. This improbable scene occurred on August 12, when a small tribe had returned from vacation, little Dïn was suffering from plaques all over his body. The young mother then decides to consult a doctor as quickly as possible. That day, she has an appointment at 9 am with a pediatrician she does not know.

The 2-year-old boy is then in childbirth, the pediatrician examines him and explains that it is eczema. The boy also shows traces on the buttocks and private parts. The pediatrician then asks him to remove his diaper, little Dïn then begins to struggle. “He didn't want to let his private parts touch him. He got into a sitting position. And there, she gave him a big slap ”, says the mother.

"It's a scandal doctor! "

After this incident, the young mother struggled to realize what had just happened. " I was shocked. It was so improbable! " Very quickly, the tone rises. "It's a scandal doctor! You slapped my son in the face with such force! ", the mother indignantly. According to Kenza, the pediatrician immediately left and sat down at his desk. "She apologized right away, saying she didn't know what had taken her. She offered me an arrangement, said she was open to any proposal, but I refused. I told her I was going to file a complaint, she said she was going to contact her lawyer. "

Shocked, the young mother came out screaming in the corridors of the clinic. “A secretary came to ask me what was going on. She asked the doctor who told her she had hit my son without knowing why ".

"I find it scandalous that after slapping a 2 year old, this doctor can continue to practice"

The young woman then tells another patient in the waiting room that the pediatrician had slapped her child. "The doctor then reacted by telling me that I just had to educate my children well! ". The family lawyer wrote to the public prosecutor, asking him "A rapid criminal response". She estimates "I find it scandalous that after slapping a 2 year old, this doctor can continue to practice », Testifies Zined Abdellatif, the lawyer of the family.

A traumatized child

According to the mother, little Dïn remains traumatized. “I never raised a hand on the children. He's traumatized by it. He said "the doctor did this to me", by reproducing the doctor's gesture. Worse still, the little boy no longer wants to see a doctor.

As for the Polyclinic, the establishment indicates that the pediatrician no longer consults with them for the moment. "We sent him a registered letter asking him not to consult with us again until things were settled. That's all we can do ", indicates Dr Yves Carlier, Chairman and CEO.

"A little slap with your fingertips"

On the pediatrician's side, she says she recognizes her gesture, but according to her, it was not a slap but rather a "Pat with the tips of both ends of my fingers". The 2-year-old reportedly struggled "Unmanageable". "I saw in his eyes that he was up to something. (…) He was going to give me a huge slap. I just had time to pull back, and I gave that little pat ", she confides.

She even questions the mother of the little boy who "was in a terrible state of excitement " and "who got mad at the door when they arrived". She describes Kenza as a mother "Fragile, who has a terrible time managing her two children". "She was brutal with them! ", "They were running everywhere" during the meeting. According to her, there would be "A big problem with education, this is a mother who needs to be helped". The pediatrician even says she is shocked by "The cinema she made in front of her children".

For the moment, the pediatrician has been interviewed by the police. An investigation is still ongoing.

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