A Périgourdin seriously injured in a paramotor accident in Charente

SAccording to information revealed by our colleagues from “Charente Libre” that “Sud Ouest” is able to confirm, a 50-year-old Périgourdin was the victim of a paramotor accident in the town of Eymouthiers, in Charente, on Saturday January 15 around 4:30 p.m. Leaving earlier in the afternoon from Busserolles, in the Dordogne, this farmer from Augignac, an active member of the local hunting society, hit a high voltage line in the Charente while he was flying over the Route des Cerisiers, which separates the town of Eymouthiers from its neighbor Montbron.

4 meter drop

Stuck between the electric wires, the 50-year-old managed to get out of it alone. A gesture of survival which precipitated his fall 4 meters lower in a great crash. “There was a violent explosion, probably at the level of the engine”, reports the mayor of Eymouthiers, Jean-Pierre Chamouleaud, who went to the scene as soon as the accident occurred.

“The man was conscious”, continues the elected official who attended, helpless, to his dropout. “The firefighters didn’t dare move him either. They were waiting for the electricity to be cut off so that they could take action, ”adds the city councilor. On the ground, the victim was immediately taken care of by the Charente firefighters. She was seriously burned in her arms and legs when she was evacuated to CHU Pellegrin in Bordeaux.

Was the pilot ill? A mechanical problem? According to our information, several witnesses said they saw “the aircraft flying relatively low in the sky”. “I myself heard the engine humming very loudly while flying over his house”, indicates the first magistrate of Eymouthiers.

“Experienced driver”

The gendarmerie investigation opened shortly after the accident by the Angoulême prosecutor’s office may help to “understand the incomprehensible” for those close to the Augignacois. “The victim is an experienced and careful pilot who is used to flying alone. He had gone for a little walk.

The weather conditions were good and there was no indication of such an accident,” said a member of his entourage.

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