a popular free game still available, hurry!

On Steam, the weekend is not yet over, and you still have a few hours left to try this free multiplayer game that is very popular with the community.

You still have until 6 p.m. this evening to try this free game as part of Steam’s weekend offers. If you like games in the style of PAYDAY, this title from the independent studio yeswecamp should clearly please you.

This is a free weekend heist on Steam

Steam’s free weekend offer in fact focused this time on Perfect Heist 2, released in 2021. As its name suggests, the main objective of the game is to put together the perfect plan to rob a bank with your friends. With 16 classes, around twenty weapons and around thirty different skills (including a horse because… why not?), you will have to make sure to empty the coffers under the noses of the security forces. In particular, you can disguise yourself like in HITMAN to achieve this or hide in the setting.

Once the chest has been forced and the notes and gold bars in your possession, you can flee discreetly or blow up everything in almost entirely destructible settings. Despite an artistic direction simple enough for the game to run on modest machines, Perfect Heist 2 is therefore particularly complete. It is also possible to embody the security of the bank to prevent thieving players from achieving their ends. Naturally, the title of yeswecamp is therefore much more appreciated together with friends, whether in cooperation or in Players against Players.

Cheaper than free loot for a few more hours

If you are interested in the game, it is still possible to try it for free on Steam until 6 p.m. tonight. This of course is provided that you have an account on the Valve platform. If you have tried it and adopted it, unfortunately it will no longer be free after the deadline. That said, it will be offered at -50%, or €4.99 instead of €9.99, until June 8.

So it’s up to you to see if the game is worth it. In any case, don’t miss the heist at the beginning of the week if friends are also attracted to this game with an average of very positive evaluations on Steam. To make the experience more absurd and fun, yeswecamp also offers Perfect Heist 2 DLC allowing you to play as historical figures such as Julius Caesar. However, this is not offered for free, but also on promotion until June 8.

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