a radical solution for a bug that destroys the game

The beginnings of EA FC 24, the replacement for FIFA, are complicated. A glitch that allows you to be untouchable on the pitch has made the rounds on the web, but Electronic Arts has finally reacted.

Many players were perhaps expecting to take a slap with EA Sports FC 24. The slap is there, but not in the positive sense of the word. Even before release, the game was attacked for the player modeling on the cover and in the first trailer. The title was therefore mocked by Internet users, and the phenomenon continued after the launch due to the numerous improbable bugs observed.

An improvised fix for this huge EA FC 24 bug

EA FC 24 is still far from stable and that is why a monstrous patch 1.04 was deployed recently. An update to eradicate gameplay, audio, visual and club issues, among other things. Very shortly after, an absolutely lunar glitch made the game the laughing stock of the Internet, even to the point of being entitled to a little nickname: “the calf dribble”. It all started with a technical gesture with the “Trickster+” Playstyle, a signature ability, which allows you to show off on the pitch while stealing the ball from your opponent. One of the major new features of EA FC 24.

The problem ? The huge bug caused by this manipulation. At the end of the movement, instead of leaving with the ball at his foot, it stuck to the player’s calf or even in his hands. It was then possible to score goals in this way, while being completely invincible. To wait until the update, the studio removed the capacity of EA FC 24.

“We have added a new issue to the EASFC Tracker (editor’s note: the tool that lists bugs, news etc.) which we are investigating. In some cases, the ball may stick to the dribbler’s leg when running. To prevent this from happening, we have temporarily removed the Trickster+ style from Ultimate. Only Trickster is available. When the issue is resolved in a future update, we will consider reinstating Trickster+” (via X).

The new FIFA is a hit and offers free content

A temporary solution that calms EA Sports FC 24 players? Not really. In response to the tweets, criticism continues to arise. “We are removing a feature rather than correcting the problem”; “It took you a while to deactivate a style when it should have been done from the start” can we read. In the comments, many are also asking for a solution for a bug affecting penalties.

Despite the concerns and anger of some, EA FC 24 is a success and even a hit in fact. The publisher was pleased to have gathered more than 11.3 million players. An increase of 20% from one year to the next, at the time when the game was called FIFA 23. If you are an Amazon Prime Gaming subscriber, you can currently grab free content until November 20. A pack which includes:

  • Haaland on loan for 8 matches
  • Player Pick 81 OVR minimum
  • Rare Gold 4 Player Pack
  • 6 rare consumables

To obtain these items, simply go to the Amazon Prime Gaming website and validate the bundle offered. Note that it will be available for the console and PC version.

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