A real alternative to DJI, the “worst product” and a screen problem at Samsung

Here are the main news that marked the week, between a new alternative to DJI drones, reactions to negative tests and a screen problem at Samsung.

Humane Ai Pin // Source: Humane

There is an alternative to DJI, here is the Xiaomi Fimi Mini 3

In the field of consumer drones, DJI has reigned supreme for years. However, the Chinese firm regularly faces competition from other players such as Yuneec, Autel Robotics or, more recently, Xiaomi. The manufacturer recently launched a new drone via its subsidiary Fimi, which specializes in drones. This is the Fimi Mini 3, a drone that competes with the DJI Mini 3. For the moment, it has only been announced in China at a price equivalent to around 300 euros.

“The worst product I have ever tried”: the truth must be told, even if it is hard to hear

This is a particularly critical opinion given by YouTuber MKBHD about Humane’s AI Pin. A video which has been widely criticized, with some not hesitating to accuse the videographer of wanting to sink the American company. The opportunity to re-do the “i”s as to the purpose of a product test. The objective is not to sink or praise a company. Above all, it’s about enabling consumers to make the best possible choice with their money.

Samsung smartphones once again affected by the “green line”

In recent days, more and more screen problems seem to emerge on Samsung smartphones. Problems which seem to be more and more numerous and concern all of the Korean firm’s models, whether high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S22 or entry-level phones like the Galaxy M21. Samsung has not yet responded to these issues.

Test of the week: Nothing Ear (2024)

The British manufacturer Nothing this week unveiled these two new pairs of wireless headphones, the Nothing Ear (2024) and the Nothing Ear (a). While waiting for the test of the latter – starting tomorrow morning – you can already find the test of the Nothing Ear, particularly convincing headphones for their price of 150 euros, whether in terms of sound quality, comfort or even reduction noise. A well-deserved 9/10.

Video of the week: review of the Samsung Galaxy A15

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