A relative of the royal family disappears, the baby found dead and the couple arrested

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A macabre discovery has been made in England: a couple on the run has been found, along with the body of their baby. The woman was close to the royal family.

It is a relationship that the royal family of England would have done well without, and above all a fatal outcome that everyone feared… While the search is still underway to find Leslie and Kevin in France, the couple Mark Gordon and Constance Marten have been found across the Channel. But that’s not what investigators were hoping for.

In Belgium, a teacher who had killed her children has just been euthanized. And the young English people who have been on the run in recent months have they also committed the irreparable. Police Chief Lewis Basford began his statements a few hours after the couple’s arrest with: “This is an outcome that many of the police officers who participated in the search and myself feared”.

On the run since early January, Constance Marten and Mark Gordon were arrested on Wednesday. Near Brighton, a seaside resort, their baby’s body was found in a wooded area. They were arrested for homicide by gross negligence at first but then for abuse. It is the autopsy which will reveal the precise circumstances of the tragedy, according to the bbc.

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A relative of the royal family killed her baby

The couple had been spotted shopping for camping gear, their gaze averting CCTV cameras. They sometimes pushed a stroller in front of them. But after weeks of investigation, 53 days to be exact, the hopes of the police to find the child safe and sound dried up.

Investigators continued the search around the place of discovery of the bodyon the night of Wednesday to Thursday, to try to find out more.

Constance Marten, 35, is the granddaughter of the goddaughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother, but also a classmate of Princess Margaret, sister of Elizabeth II. She is also the daughter of a page of the Queen, a noble in the service of the sovereign.

Mark Gordon, he was convicted of a rape committed at the age of 14 and spent 20 years behind bars in the United States. He had been deported to England.

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