a release in 2024 at all costs, even if it means removing elements from the game

According to the leaker Tez2, renowned for its many revelations on Rockstar games, the launch of GTA 6 would still be scheduled for 2024. And on the other hand, maintaining this release window would not be without consequences, in particular on the content of the game.

Will we finally have the right to an official announcement from Rockstar on GTA 6 in 2023? For now, bets remain open. Nevertheless, rumors continue to multiply about him. Tom Henderson, reputable insider behind the Insider Gaming site, recently said that the American studio was preparing “the greatest announcement of all time”, just that.

Recently, we had the right to intriguing statements from a certain 50 Cent, the American rapper having suggested his participation in the game in an Instagram post. But this time, it’s the turn of the leaker Tez2, renowned for his many revelations about Rockstar games, to add his stone to the building.

In a post on GTAForums, the insider leaked some never-before-seen information about the upcoming behemoth of Red Dead Redemption and GTA V daddies. According to him, Rockstar is still planning to launch GTA 6 in 2024, as revealed by recent documents from Microsoft.

A release in 2024, but at what price?

Be careful however, a postponement to 2025 cannot be ruled out. However, this news is not necessarily the most encouraging, especially for the overall quality of the game. To ensure that this schedule is respected, Rockstar has decided to apply a strict policy of “Back to the office”, forcing all employees to abandon telework.

According to Tez2, this measure prompted some talents to walk out the door and leave the studio. And unfortunately, the absence of these vital forces will inevitably impact the development of the title and result in additional postponements in the worst case.

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Moreover, he adds that the management of the studio would not be able to postpone the release of the game further (in 2025 or 2026), in particular because of the pressure exerted by the shareholders. To ensure the game launches in 2024, Rockstar could amputate the game of certain ancillary content (secondary missions, characters, activities and areas to visit) to include them a posteriori in the form of DLC (downloadable content). In any case, this is the theory adopted by Tez2.

In itself, this hypothesis is not insane, since in the past, Rockstar removed content from GTA 5 before finally adding it in various updates for GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of the title.

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