a remake that makes you dream while waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6

The venerable Skyrim continues to inspire players while waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6. One of them had fun recreating iconic locations from Bethesda’s flagship title with Unreal Engine 5.

Leo Torres regularly shares the fruit of his work on Skyrim. The one that interests us here is the recreation of Epervine (or Falkreath in English). And the result is an absolute feast for the eyes. See instead.

Skyrim in great shape on Unreal Engine 5

In 2016, Bethesda released a remaster of the iconic Skyrim via a Special Edition. Even though it brought several beneficial visual improvements, it was difficult to stay up to date with its aging engine. Never mind, fans have done their best via mods to bring this venerable title released in 2011 up to date. Others even had fun recreating the game on the Unreal Engine 5, an impressive and cutting-edge engine.

This is particularly the case of Leo Torres, who shares with us a video highlighting his recreation of Epervine. Using Unreal Engine 5’s own Nanite and Lumen technologies, the result is absolutely dazzling. Whether it’s the exquisite quality of the textures or the strikingly realistic lighting effects, this kind of fan-remake is a real feast for the eyes.

Cutting-edge hardware for this Unreal Engine 5 regular

This isn’t Leo Torres’ first attempt at Unreal Engine 5 or his first recreation of Skyrim on that engine, and his expertise is clearly visible. His YouTube channel is indeed full of similar videos, each more technically spectacular than the last. To achieve this result, he has a particularly muscular machine. Its configuration includes an RTX 3090.

As such, it uses the NVIDIA graphics card to take advantage of proprietary DLAA technology. This allows his videos to offer a particularly clear rendering in terms of anti-aliasing and textures. If you want to escape, we advise you to watch Leo Torres’ other videos on his YouTube channel. A way like any other to wait for a certain The Elder Scrolls 6, which remains ardently desired, but seems to be on the right track.

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