a revelation that will please fans

FF7 Rebirth is becoming more and more talked about, and fans like it. A reassuring revelation has just fallen regarding the long-awaited sequel to FF7 Remake.

FF7 Remake 2 still retains an element of mystery, but Square Enix is ​​saying more and more about its RPG. For our part, we even had the chance to take charge of the sequel to FF7 Remake to discover a game with a much more open structure than its predecessor, which should please historical fans of the license. The latest revelation made by the developers on the title could also please them.

New information for FF7 Remake 2

During the Square Enix conference at the Tokyo Game Show, FF7 Rebirth was shown at some length. The opportunity for players to discover the combat system in more depth and explore the more open areas of the game. FF7 Remake 2 was also talked about during the conference organized by Samsung. During it, game director Naoki Hamaguchi and producer Yoshinori Kitase have made some interesting revelations about their upcoming RPG. We therefore learn that in FF7 Remake 2, players will be able to concentrate either on the story or on the additional content depending on the choices to be made during the adventure. We imagine that these will simply be questions linked to our desire to stay longer in a city or not before resuming our journey, which promises to be much longer than in FF7 Remake.

This choice system will also have an impact on certain storyline elements such as the famous romance scene at the Gold Saucer. In the original version of Final Fantasy 7, the person with whom Cloud spent this sweet interlude depended on a fictional value influenced mainly by our dialogue choices during the game. We imagine that it will be the same in FF7 Rebirth, even if SquareEnix. In any case, we certainly won’t have to wait longer than expected to find out, because Yoshinori Kitase explains that development is almost complete. All that’s left is the polishing and bug-fixing work to be done, which is always the last step before launch. You can therefore mark the date of February 29, 2024 on your calendar without worrying too much about a possible postponement.

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