A rhinoceros kills a zebra

An incident occurred in Zurich Zoo on Friday: a rhinoceros attacked a zebra in the savannah that died on site.

White rhinoceros bull Kimba in August.

Laura Zimmermann / Keystone

eru. An accident occurred on Friday afternoon in the Lewa savannah of Zurich Zoo: The white rhinoceros bull Kimba injured the Grevy’s zebra stallion Sjarlie so badly in the stomach that the zebra died on site. The Zurich Zoo announced in a message on Friday. The collision between the two animals took place on the winter area that was visible to the zoo guests. The area was cordoned off after the incident.

“This is a very unfortunate and unpleasant incident,” says zoo director Severin Dressen. “But with all the precautions there is always a certain residual risk when different animal species live together. Such an unfortunate collision as today is the exception. “

In the Lewa savannah, which opened in 2020, several animal species live together in the same enclosure: rhinos, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, ostriches and chickens. Through socialization, the individual animal species not only have to organize themselves within their own species, but also have to come to terms with the other species. According to Zurich Zoo, certain areas are only accessible to individual species in order to offer physically weaker animals a retreat. However, despite all the measures, there is never absolute safety when animals live together, writes Zurich Zoo.

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