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The association Stop VEO – Childhood without violence recently unveiled its new campaign against ordinary educational violence. The spot will be broadcast on television this Friday, May 29.

Words to replace violence. On May 26, the Stop VEO-Childhood Without Violence association launched a new campaign on social media to combat ordinary educational violence. Slaps, spankings, humiliations … since July 2019, VEOs are prohibited by law: “Parental authority is exercised without physical and psychological violence. " Unfortunately, in many families, the youngest are still suffering. Worse, confinement has led to an increase in violence against children. The telephone line "Hello to children in danger" (119) has indeed recorded a 20% increase in calls, and reports considered urgent have increased by 60%.

With this new campaign, the collective wishes to bring parents towards "good parenting". In the video, entitled "The words I would not tell you", we discover a mother with her son in conflict. Rather than using the dialogue, the latter slaps him. The association thus wished to denounce the lack of communication in the homes. One way to make parents aware that disputes can be resolved by words and not by violence. Stop VEO is explained:

This film questions us about what we lose when we give in to educational violence while making an ode to the love that we bring to our children. To arrive at ordinary educational violence is, unfortunately, to renounce communication with one's child.

The spot will be broadcast on television this Friday, May 29.

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Video by Clara Poudevigne

by Elise Poiret