a significant price increase for a few differences

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has just been released. A smooth improvement, but marked by a price increase. Is the latest model really worth it compared to its predecessor?

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus have just been unveiled and we have already been able to take it in hand. While waiting for its release, scheduled for February 17, 2023, let’s stop for a moment on a small comparison with the previous generation.

The price goes up

The constant of 2022 continues in 2023: prices tend to increase and the Galaxy S23 in turn bear witness to this. Here are the prices:

Galaxy S23 (8GB RAM each time):

  • 128 GB: 959 euros;
  • 256 GB: 1019 euros.

S23+ (8 GB of RAM each time):

  • 256 GB: 1219 euros;
  • 512 GB: 1339 euros.

Let’s do the accounts compared to the Galaxy S22. The price has increased by 100 euros on the 128 GB, 110 euros on the 256 GB for the small format. The Galaxy S23 Plus takes him 110 euros increase in 256 GB. The 512 GB version, although new, still takes 120 euros increase compared to the 256 GB and therefore 230 euros increase compared to the 256 GB of the Galaxy S22.

The three notable changes

Admittedly the inflationary context plays, but when a manufacturer announces a price increase, one also expects that it is justified by innovations. This is not necessarily the case


The first element that changes somewhat is the design of the device. Or at least its back, which in turn abandons the photo block, after the Galaxy S22 Ultra showed the way in this matter.

2.Chip and battery

The other important novelty is the arrival of a Snapdragon chip, including for the European market. Goodbye the Exynos, hello the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This is a real advantage over the S22 which will probably justify putting a few extra euros.

In addition, the chip is supposed to somewhat improve the energy efficiency of the device. On the autonomy front, both phones gain 300 mAh. Here too, we can speak of a real reason to prefer the new old models, despite the price which has inflated.

3.Brightness and photo

We end with the minor differences that will not necessarily justify preferring the latest model to the S22. Already the brightness rises to 1750 nits on the classic S23, against 1300 nits on the S22. The plus does not have this advantage since the old model like the last displays 1750 nits.

Another small addition, all the sensors now incorporate dual pixel technology for its autofocus. On the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, the telephoto lens passed.

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