A sincere dialogue incompatible with an escalation, says Macron Poutine

PARIS (Reuters) – Sincere dialogue is not compatible with an escalation, French President Emmanuel Macron and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, said during a telephone interview on tensions in Ukraine, announcing the Elyse.

Five days after Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Moscow, the two heads of state “discussed ways to move forward on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and continued their discussion on the conditions for security and stability in Europe” , specifies the Presidency of the Republic in a press release.

“They both expressed a willingness to continue the dialogue on these two points.”

From a source in the Elyse, it is added that Vladimir Putin said nothing during this interview which suggests that Russia is about to attack Ukraine.

“We don’t have, in what President Putin says, any indication that he is going to go on the offensive. We are nevertheless extremely vigilant and attentive to the Russian posture so that we can prevent the worst”, a- it is indicated.

Emmanuel Macron, who is to meet by the end of the day with his American counterparts Joe Biden and Ukrainian Volodimir Zelenski, as well as with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, relayed the concerns of his European partners and of his allies with his interlocutor, said the Elyse.

“He told President Putin that sincere dialogue was not compatible with escalation,” the statement continued.

Vladimir Putin also spoke on Saturday with Joe Biden. On Friday, the White House national security adviser said Washington believed a Russian invasion of Ukraine was possible at any time.

(Report Elizabeth Pineau and Leigh Thomas, written by Marc Angrand and Tangi Salan)

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