a souls-like not to be missed, it’s a future slap in the face

Enotria: The Last Song is a very promising souls-like which recently revealed its release date. We advise you to take a look, because it has some strong arguments.

From Software games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne were so successful that they gave birth to a new genre: souls-like. Today, the term is used a bit loosely. However, we still find a few nuggets that fit the description perfectly. We obviously think of Lies of P or Hellpoint. And one thing is certain, they will not be the last. Besides, this year, there is a new one coming, and it might interest you. Come discover Enotria: The Last Song.

Enotria: The Last Song reveals its release date

The first time this game appeared was during the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Enotria was then called Project Galileo. The audience’s curiosity was piqued, but it was far from finished. Today, that’s it, he’s ready to show us what he’s capable of. At least, it will be in a few months. The meeting is officially set for June 21 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Yes, on the same date as the Elden Ring DLC, which may not work in its favor. To be continued.

As for the concept of Enotria, it is quite attractive. The Jyamma Games studio immerses us in Italian folklore, in a place trapped by the Canovaccio. It is an eternal play which has the particularity of being able to plunge the world into a “supernatural stasis”. It is therefore up to you, a Maskless One, to defeat the terrible Playwrights who are behind this scourge. By using the power of Ardore, you can take the mask of your opponents to vary your offensive range.

We’ll let you watch the new trailer that was released to give you a first opinion on Enotria: The Last Song. You’ll see, the artistic direction is charming, and it’s done under Unreal Engine 5. We can’t wait to discover this universe, and to break our teeth on the threats lurking in the shadows. Just a little more patience.

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