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TV host Alessandra Sublet, who can be recognized by her short cuts and brown hair that characterize her so much, has once been blonde. The proof in pictures!

There are public figures that you cannot imagine with another hairstyle or a different hair color as we are used to seeing them wearing the same for years. This is particularly the case of host and producer Alessandra Sublet that we usually recognize on TV thanks to his short brown hair. If she has been adopting a signature short bob, the one who is among the favorite animators of the French, has already allowed herself a few shorter cuts (sometimes even with fringes or even with a movement to the side) on various occasions. But one thing never changes: she always wears her short haircuts on Brown hair. The pretty 44-year-old brunette, who likes to play the natural card and does not hesitate to ignore the beauty dictates that society still imposes on women today, in taking responsibility for its wrinkles on social networks, still sports the same hair color. Suffice to say that we do not imagine it at all bleached to blonde ! However, the author of Fuck Cinderella (editions Robert Laffont), like many brunettes, also succumbed to the attraction of Blond hair At least once in her life.

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A youth photo resurfaces on the web

Indeed, an old snapshot of the host where she appears with bleached light blond hair, begins to go around the web. The latter, which dates from about twenty-four years, shows the young Alessandra Sublet in blonde, then aged 21 or 22 depending on the recent host’s tweet who reacted with humor to the highlighting of this photo. Already showing short bob hair, degraded and topped with a lock brought to one side of the face, the smiling young woman displays a blonde that we did not know him.

Here is the picture of Alessandra Sublet in blonde:

This souvenir photo of Alessandra Sublet in blonde, posted three days ago on the account Instagram @quatregarconspleinsdavenir, date, according to the caption of the post, summer 1997, year of the film’s release Four Boys with a Future directed by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld. The young Alessandra Sublet In fact wears a t-shirt from the film. But where does this photograph of the hostess with blond hair come from? It looks like it was shared by Alessandra Sublet herself April 20, 2020 on Twitter, on the occasion of a challenge launched by television host Valérie Damidot who encouraged the unveiling of a 20-year-old self-photograph.

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If his blonde color is therefore far from recent, it is clear that Alessandra Sublet wore well dyed blond hair even if she is lovely with her brown hair which makes it even more natural today.

Notice to those who know the film: if the Instagram account shared this old shot of Alessandra Sublet, it is because a sequel to the film is being prepared … future, 25 years later …, the film crew (actors and director) tell the anecdotes of the shooting on the facebook group Four boys with a future | The Film | 25 years later.

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