A Spaniard brings together 3.3 million viewers on Twitch and breaks the platform’s audience record

The Spaniard Ibai became on June 25, 2022 the most followed streamer on the Twitch platform, managing to bring together no less than 3.3 million spectators simultaneously.

The audience record for the live streaming platform Twitch has just been beaten by streamer Ibai, thanks to a peak of 3.3 million viewers.

On June 25, the 27-year-old Spaniard organized a boxing competition on his channel during “La velada del año II” (“The evening of the year II”). The event, broadcast live on the neo-recordman’s Twitch channel, offered five matches mainly between celebrities from the platform. It was during the 5 h 30 min show that the peak record was recorded.

Thanks to this audience, Ibai dethroned the previous record dating from January 2021, held by another Spanish streamer, TheGrefg, who had managed to bring together 2.5 million spectators during a live Fortnite.

In France, Ibai notably became known during the Pixel Wars organized by Reddit. He was one of the leaders of this “pixel war” on the Spanish side.

Note, during “The evening of the year II”, more than 400,000 people subscribed to Ibai’s channel. This has thus become the fourth most followed by Twitch with 11.1 million subscribers. The Spaniard is now above pillars of the platform such as Tfue, xQc, Shroud or TheGrefg.

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