“A speech of truth and courage”: Agnès Pannier-Runacher returns to Macron’s speech

Laura Laplaud
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10:19 a.m., April 18, 2023

Just over 48 hours after the enactment of the pension reform, Emmanuel Macron delivered a 13-minute televised address on Monday. The reactions were not long in coming. If some criticize the speech and the attitude of the Head of State, the Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runachier believes that she heard “a speech of courage”.

“Out of reality”, “elsewhere”, “a disconnected practice”. In the aftermath of Emmanuel Macron’s televised address, the reactions of politicians and the French are strong towards the Head of State. For nearly 15 minutes, the Head of State briefly returned to the pension reform before presenting the government’s future projects. “A speech of truth and courage”, according to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition, guest of Europe Matin on Tuesday.

“The president is fully aware that this is an unpopular measure”

“This speech charted a course, this is what is expected of a President of the Republic. [On attend qu’il] outlines the priorities on which he wishes to work based on what he has heard from the French. When he proposes, for example, to work on work, it is a subject that has come up strongly in all the consultations that we have been able to have”, indicated the minister at the microphone of Europe 1.

The Head of State, who is “fully aware that this reform is unpopular”, therefore preferred to devote most of his speech to the future. Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron presented the three future projects of the government. A first axis will indeed be dedicated to employment while the other two will be devoted to justice and to the republican order and to progress. “Work must pay even better,” he said before announcing the recruitment of more than 10,000 magistrates and agents.

A speech that could have looked like a campaign speech. “It gives meaning to political action and it reaffirms the priorities on which we are working and on which we will continue to work”, added Agnès Pannier-Runacher. “The French are waiting for solutions today. It is important that the President of the Republic charts the course and formulates the priorities on which he proposes to the unions, professional organizations and elected officials to work”, she concluded.

Emmanuel Macron has given himself 100 days to launch a plan of appeasement and “action” by July 14, after the “anger” aroused by the pension reform, instructing Elisabeth Borne to present a roadmap as soon as next week.

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