a sublime collector’s item that costs more than an Xbox

Starfield has been the center of attention since its release. While Bethesda’s new RPG is on everyone’s lips, a new announcement could delight some fans.

Starfield is a divisive game. While some see it as an excellent RPG in the vein of what Bethesda knows how to do, others are disappointed and do not find the game lives up to expectations or even the promises made during the conferences. Despite these differences, Starfield has managed to attract a majority of players and enjoys great popularity. The publisher is taking advantage of this and intends to capitalize as much as possible on it, as already proven by the controllers, faceplates and other accessories in the colors of the game before its release. Fans of “Skyrim in Space” will soon be able to add a new figurine of a much-loved character to their collection.

The ultimate Starfield figurine?

Vasco is one of the companions available in Starfield. The adorable little robot is very popular with the community and it is therefore no surprise that Bethesda announces that it will be available in an ultra-detailed figurine by PureArts. The latter is on a 1/6 scale, would only have 150 copies and it comes with a replica of the artifact. This exceptional figurine is fully articulated at the arms, legs, hands and fingers. It is already available for pre-order, with delivery scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. A collector’s item whose quality clearly cannot be called into question, but its price should put off more than one person.

And for good reason, this superb Starfield figurine is offered for the modest sum of $369 (around 350 euros). This replica is significantly more expensive than the new version of the Xbox Series 1TB. Bitter, but fair, for a figurine measuring 32 centimeters high, weighing no less than 2.7kg and all in resin please. Its limited appearance is also an argument for all collectors wanting a slightly more exclusive object on their shelves showing their adoration of the game. It must be said that it is still high class, but such quality necessarily has a price . To be reserved for absolute Starfield fans.

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