a super rate boost for 6 months!

The Monabanq online bank currently offers a 3% bonus rate for 6 months for its savings account. And this, in addition to the bonus for opening a bank account, up to 160 euros!

A boost rate: this is what the Crdit Mutuel-CIC group’s online bank offers. Fix 1% usually, the rate passes 3% rawand this for 6 months for a first subscription between February 1 and 15, 2023.

Opening a bank account is necessary to benefit from the Monabanq savings account. The 3% gross boost rate is applicable within the limit of 50,000 euros of deposits. Beyond this savings threshold, deposits are remunerated at the standard gross annual nominal rate of 1% gross (subject to variation depending on the general banking conditions). Finally, it is necessary to make the first payment from the Monabanq bank account before February 28, 2023.

Open a Monabanq passbook

The Monabanq savings account is a bank account whose interest is taxed. Online banking does not charge any fees for opening, managing and closing the passbook. Accessible from 10 euros, no ceiling is imposed.

It has the advantage of the savings account, allowing the sums placed to be withdrawn at any time, thanks to dematerialized management. Please note that the funds must go through the saver’s Monabanq current account, whether to add to the savings account or for withdrawals.

The passbook boost rate isn’t the only welcome offer from online banking! It is in fact cumulative with the welcome bonus for opening a Monabanq bank account, for an amount of up to 160 euros until February 5, 2023. After this date, the amount of the premium is 120 euros maximum. More info on this Monabanq welcome bonus

The Monabanq savings account in detail

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