a terrible accident causes one death and interrupts the filming of the show

In the episode of “Beijing Express” broadcast on M6 this Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the televiewers have learned of the interruption of the filming of the show. The cause: a road accident which left one dead during the new stage of the adventure.

This Tuesday, April 6, 2021, after having traveled through Greece, the candidates of the show Beijing Express on M6 were in Turkey. This trip was disrupted by an accident that resulted in the death of a car driver. When the first mission ended, Aurore and Jonathan decided to get on a truck to catch up. During the trip, the couple was struck by a car driving in the wrong direction. If the scene was not shown during the editing of the show broadcast this Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the couple confided in this terrible accident and the production announced, at the end of the episode, that the driver of the vehicle d ‘opposite, aged 82, had died.

A shock of extreme violence for the candidates of “Beijing Express”

As for Aurore, she suffered a head trauma and was hospitalized for ten days. Having left the show, it was from the couple’s home that she spoke in an interview shot a few days before the episode aired. “The car hits us full force on the right side. I turn my head and the last thing I see is the car hitting us in. Afterwards, I have a thud. Jonathan gets up more or less, I don’t I don’t know what state I am in. He said to me: ‘We absolutely have to get out of the car, now you get out and follow me.’ (…) I had such a headache, my face was no longer the same “, she explains, before Jonathan adds: “The shock was extremely violent. I don’t want to scare Aurore so I try to be as calm as possible, to bring first aid and to make her feel good.”

It is the first time that such a serious accident has occurred in “Beijing Express”

Thierry Guillaume, the producer of Beijing Express, expressed himself during the press conference to launch the new season: “They received psychological support immediately on site as well as on their return to France. This is part of the planned system. (…) We know that this is one of the risks in this program, we are on the road, we have over a hundred people who spend six to eight hours a day in vehicles. “ Show host Stéphane Rotenberg, who suffered a sidecar accident in 2012 while filming the show in the Philippines, says it’s the first time such a serious accident has occurred: “It is very complicated and particular to live, it is always our anguish. It is the first time that such a serious accident has occurred, we had small fights, something happened to me a few years ago. years. “

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When the show aired, the production kept a thought for the 82-year-old car driver who died in the crash: “All our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

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