A thousand and one ways to use Bitcoin around the world

The Jules Verne of Bitcoin YouTuber Paco De La India has share on January 17, 2022 in the Cointelegraph media, the story of his trip which allows us to appreciate today the legitimacy of bitcoin (BTC)in the absence of its “full” legality – in different countries.

Initiatory journey in bitcoin: is BTC a transactional currency?

September 2021, Paco De La India begins a journey whose main goal is to find out if he would be able to survive using only bitcoin as a means of payment in 40 countries. He leaves the city of Bangalore in India, after having sold his goods. His trip is largely funded by bitcoin donations.

Paco had planned to spend 10 days in each of the 40 countries, but he had to revise his initial plans because of the spread of the Omicron variant, bypassing mandatory quarantines, or countries requiring tourists to stay within their borders. for at least 14 days. Paco also tries to avoid PCR tests which generate additional costs.

His bitcoins got the youtuber through until today, India, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Cambodia. Paco prefers to use a non-custodial wallet to store his bitcoins and the Lignhning network to carry out his BTC transactions.

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Survive with bitcoin: the crypto that allows you to make money

Paco said he was still surprised at the number of people who accepted bitcoin in countries where cryptocurrencies were located. in a gray area in terms of regulations. Two people who carried out the covid test of the youtuber in India for his trip to the United Arab Emirates, have thus accepted bitcoin payments without hesitation.

Paco was also able to use bitcoin as a means of payment for other use cases, without ever having to impose cryptocurrency. He was surprised at the number of random sellers who were open to bitcoin.

Thailand would be according to Paco, “super crypto-friendly”, like Cambodia. The UAE also appears to be open to cryptocurrency, “but I feel like it’s just between the richest people.”

During his trip, Paco spoke with more and more “older people who have already lived their lives looking for young people who are really tech-savvy”. These people want, according to him, to “make money”. The youtuber thus comes to the conclusion that “ everyone considers bitcoin to make money.

Travel shapes youth, and Paco was able to find out for himself, starting from India, that if the Indian government said thathe did not plan to recognize bitcoin as a currency, citizens of different countries think otherwise.

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