A transparent OLED TV from LG is a possibility

Merouan Goumiri

February 23, 2022 at 09:12


lg transparent screen

The world of technology is constantly changing. And in this area, the manufacturer LG is definitely never short of ideas.

Indeed, the electronics giant would plan to launch a television equipped with an OLED screen… transparent!

Soon transparent OLED screens?

In the past, the Korean manufacturer has already presented us with concepts that are out of the ordinary to say the least, with, for example, the transparent OLED television integrated directly into… a bed. We could also cite its roll-up TV concept temporarily marketed in Korea at an exorbitant price.

But today, the transparent OLED television project proposed by LG would be more “conventional” and intended for the general public. Indeed, this time there would be no question of going out of the ordinary, as with the previous concepts, but rather of proposing a form-factor in line with OLED televisions currently on the market. In other words, the panel would be fixed directly to the TV and would therefore be equipped with a reinforced glass covering to give it that “transparent” appearance.

As a reminder, in 2020, the Xiaomi brand launched a transparent OLED television, the Mi Lux model, but unfortunately did not meet with the expected success. The screens had also been provided by LG, which does not seem a priori put off by this unsuccessful attempt.

Determined to diversify its arsenal of televisions, by now marketing its own transparent OLED screens, the LG Display subsidiary offered LG Electronics a 55-inch model, which then plans to seriously study the proposal. If the discussions lead to a common agreement, production can then begin this year for marketing in 2023.

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