A “V” shaped object filmed by the crew of an airliner

A strange luminous object would have been filmed over the United States by a flight attendant from the cockpit of an Airbus.

It was almost 12,000 meters above sea level and from the cabin of an Airbus A320 that this spectacular scene was allegedly filmed over Georgia by a flight attendant as he attempted to take a video of another aircraft . But, obscuring the stars, a series of multicolored, orange, green, and white lights appeared in the night sky. “As I was about to film an oncoming plane above us, I noticed this luminous ‘v’ shaped object. It was located between us and the other device, ”explains the stewart in the caption of his video, taken, he says, with an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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We can hear, in the soundtrack, the stunned comments of those present and see at the end of the sequence a brief image of the cockpit. Also according to the witness, this mysterious object was not reported by air traffic controllers or by the Federal Aviation Administration, the government authority in charge of civil aviation.

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Unfortunately, the witnesses wished to remain anonymous, casting doubt on the authenticity of the video. However, there are still very few pilots and airline crew members who openly discuss these strange open-air encounters.

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