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The full moon on this Sunday, August 22, 2021 is rare because it is a blue moon. In addition to being a fascinating astronomical phenomenon, it also acts on your emotions according to an expert in astrology.

On the night of Sunday 22 to Monday 23 August 2021, the full moon that we will see is called the blue moon because it is very rare. In theory, there is a full moon every month, more precisely every 29 days. The term of “blue Moon” actually refers to the second full moon of a month with two full moons, or the third full moon of a season with four full moons. It is this second configuration that will be possible to observe on Sunday August 22. We find this phenomenon every two or three years. If you miss Sunday’s one, you will have to wait until August 2023.

Be careful, the moon will not be blue for all that. The name of blue moon (“Blue Moon” in English) has no precise explanation but could find its origin, according to Quebecers, in a bad translation of “double moon” made by the Anglo-Saxons. They would therefore have understood “blue” instead of “double.”

Astrology gets involved

Kirsty Gallagher, author of a book on life according to the magic of the lunar cycles and specialist in astrology, analyzed for the English daily Express what this blue moon means. According to her, this is the second time this season that the full moon has been in Aquarius. “The first full moon in July opened all of us to our potential and possibilities. Then a new moon in Leo appeared in early August to celebrate our power, our authenticity and our identity. It was the opportunity for us to manifest what our heart and soul desire. ” And the expert added: “Now we come to the blue moon. It will complete what the previous full moon started, which is to refocus on our possibilities and what we are here for.”

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A blue moon heralding a new start

If you’ve recently been feeling tired, emotional exhaustion, especially in the past few days, that’s totally normal according to Kirsty Gallagher. “Maybe you are feeling at your wit’s end or on the other hand maybe you want to run after something or someone you’ve been neglecting for a while.” For the expert, it is the moon that is trying to speak to you and that manifests itself in a different way. “You have to listen because she knows everything. The moon is with you in all your deepest emotions, both during the day when you are spending all your energy and at night in your dreams.”

The astrologer is certain, this moon will bring something to light. It is on the latter that you should focus your attention. “The energies of Aquarius are guiding us and this blue moon is there to help us see more clearly and take a new course.”

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