A waffle in the shape of sex that will leave you speechless

A sweet tooth? These phallus and vulva-looking waffles will send you to seventh heaven and you will make short work of it. A treat for everyone.

In search of discovery for your next snack? With this new kind of waffle, you will not be disappointed in terms of originality. Filled with chocolate, strawberries, penis or vulva, there is something for everyone. But what is behind this crazy idea?

A principle based on pleasure and open-mindedness

Enjoying a waffle in the shape of a sex, no matter what one’s sexual orientation, can be synonymous with satisfaction and entertainment. Salvator Armonia, co-owner and co-founder of Zizi Pop in Montreal, confided in Radio Canada and explains that “The main idea is neither to be in the provocation, nor to be in the vulgar” But “To bring back fun and openness”. Through atypical names given to these menus such as “Star seed”, “Big Banana” or “Sugar Daddy”, Salvator Armonia simply wants to offer its customers a funny and gourmet outing. According to him, it would also be a way to bring the subject of sex on the table and to explain it according to the ages during family trips. If customers are first brought to smile, the flavors are not left out and have something to excite your taste buds.

However, the phallus-shaped waffle still poses a problem for some people and especially for a few men who refuse to eat sweets bearing the image of the penis. But how can a simple pastry cause a societal problem? Yes Zizi Pop only offers one size of waffle, The Quequetterie in France has decided to sell in addition dishes in the image of the vulva. Thus, you have the choice between two types of waffles and a variation of 6 bases to garnish with 12 different toppings. They can also be served with delicious ice cream.

A concept that saved a restaurant from the crisis

Creative sweet snack, with a soft texture and reassuring flavors, this is the perfect combination for an attractive snack. A restaurant understood this well. In order to face the health crisis, Taziana Jurdi found the miracle recipe: to develop the concept of waffles in the shape of a genital tract. First restaurant manager Fuumi, who usually serves burrito-sushi, she admits that “It was Quequetterie that saved its economic situation. (…) It saved him a bit because the restaurant has been empty for a year. ” according to Huffingtonpost. Inspired by what is already done in Thailand, the restaurateur suggests that other restaurants open corners. The Quequetterie to save part of their economy. It would record up to 1000 orders per day with prices varying from 5 to 8 euros per waffle. What to give a little hope to people still in financial difficulty to this day.

If you have salivated in front of such a phenomenon, you can find the corner Quequetterie at 28, rue d’Aboukir in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Or make them yourself with our recipe!

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