A water tank in Miele refrigerators to improve conservation

In addition to a fairly low temperature, one of the main parameters in the preservation of food is humidity. Many of us have found a completely shriveled slice of ham inside our refrigerator because it had not been stored in an airtight container. Indeed, the refrigeration systems used today (to, among other things, guarantee a perfectly uniform temperature throughout the compartment) tend to dry out the atmosphere in the enclosure and, consequently, the food. Crisper bins are often designed to keep the produce stored in them moist, which is why radishes, broccoli, green beans and other red cabbages remain perfectly edible, even after several days of storage.

To further prolong the life of these foods, Miele thinks they have found a solution: not to be satisfied with the water contained in the foods that are stored in the vegetable drawer to ensure the correct humidification of this space. To do this, the manufacturer has installed a water tank placed above the drawers. Just fill it up and put it back in place. According to Miele, this technology called PerfectFresh Active makes it possible to multiply by five the shelf life of food. It should be noted that in the PerfectFresh Active drawer, the user can set the temperature a little above 0°C so that fragile products such as meat, fish, seafood, etc. are kept at the lowest temperature. low as possible without freezing the water they contain, which would harm their visual, taste and nutritional qualities.

The KS 4887 DD refrigerator is one of the rare models of the brand to be equipped with this system, probably because it has three vegetable drawers in its lower part. These occupy a volume of 141 liters out of the 386 available and they take the place of the freezer area of ​​a handset. Obviously, it is not possible to store frozen food or ice cream in this appliance, which is intended exclusively for the conservation of fresh products. Miele has chosen a ventilated cold to ensure a stable temperature, and we also notice a metal plate at the bottom of the cavity to contribute to the stability of the freshness.

According to the technical data sheet, the temperature is regulated to the nearest degree, thanks to the electronic control panel placed behind the door in the upper part. Of course, there are automatic modes such as vacation mode (the temperature in the enclosure rises to 14, 15°C to limit energy consumption without turning off the refrigerator completely in order to avoid the formation of odors and mold) or party (the temperature is drastically lowered to accommodate a large quantity of food and drink).

The Miele KS 4887 DD refrigerator is already available for 2109 €.

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