a woman dies during a naturopathic internship


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A judicial investigation was opened after the death of a 44-year-old woman while she was participating in a naturopathic internship. Here is what we know.

Thursday August 12, 2021 in Noyant-de-Touraine, in Indre-et-Loire, a woman usually domiciled in Paris died during her participation in a naturopathic course punctuated with activities revolving around a water fast. It was the other participants of the course who sounded the alert after noticing the absence of the victim, whose body was found lifeless in his room.

Since, judicial information for “manslaughter” was opened as indicated by the public prosecutor of Tours to AFP. The investigation should make it possible to establish “the cause of death, which remains to be determined” and specify if “any breaches were made by the trip organizers“, said Grégoire Dulin, before adding that”many auditions “ have already taken place, withoutnone have yet given rise to police custody.

Many gray areas

The first results of the autopsy carried out on August 16 reveal no trace of violence and show that the death was not caused by the intervention of a third party. Other additional analyzes (toxicological, in particular) are about to be carried out. It is now up to the judicial inquiries to determine if the death is due to the conditions of the internship or if other elements are to be considered. As a reminder: the latter revolved arounda water fast consisting of abstaining from eating for a given period (several days) during which only the consumption of certain liquids are authorized (water of course but also tea or diuretic infusions for example, but no sugary drinks). The woman died in full treatment but, for the time being, the cause and effect link remains to be demonstrated.

A death linked to water fasting?

According to information collected by RMC : these courses have been organized since 2010 by a well-being specialist. They cost several hundred euros and last between one to six weeks during which strict fasting is the rule and the activities (walks, meditation, viewing of documentaries…) follow one another. The prefecture of Indre-et-Loire confirmed having ordered the end of the internship. The naturopath has, for his part, already been heard by the investigators.

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