“A wonderful life lesson”: rated 3.9 out of 5, it is the best film with Jonathan Cohen

Discover the best film in Jonathan Cohen’s filmography according to AlloCiné spectators. The actor is currently starring in “A Difficult Year”,

After Sentinel on Prime Video, Jonathan Cohen is currently starring in the film A Difficult Year by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache. In the duo’s eighth feature film, the man nicknamed JoCo plays Bruno, an over-indebted forty-year-old.

The latter meets Albert (Pio Marmaï). They take the associative path together and cross paths with young environmental activists. More attracted by the free beer and chips than by their arguments, they will gradually join the movement without conviction…

The directors offered the role of Albert to Jonathan Cohen after the departure of Alban Ivanov, but the actor, exhausted by filming Le Flambeau, almost refused.

Eric Toledano explains in the film’s press kit: “He was told that it couldn’t be more appropriate for a character nicknamed Lexo: he just had to come as is, stubbled, and completely wrung out. !”

In the end, the roles were swapped between the two actors, Pio Marmaï plays the role originally intended for Jonathan Cohen, and he plays that of Pio.

A duo which works wonderfully and which pleases the spectators who describe it as irresistible.

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A difficult year

On the occasion of the release of A Difficult Year, we invite you to discover the best film of the career of Jonathan Cohen according to AlloCiné internet users.

It’s Mikhaël Hers’ drama, Amanda, which wins, with a spectator rating of 3.9/5 stars.

Jonathan Cohen in a dramatic role

In this feature film starring Vincent Lacoste, Isaure Multrier, Stacy Martin, Ophelia Kolb and Jonathan Cohen therefore, David (Lacoste) is a young man of 24 who juggles between different odd jobs and puts off the time for more engaging choices. But the peaceful course of her life is shattered when her older sister dies in an attack. He then finds himself in charge of his 7-year-old niece, Amanda.

The actor from La Flamme plays the role of Axel, David’s best friend. The latter is a survivor of the terrorist attack in which David lost his sister, and delivers, for the duration of one scene, a masterful and moving performance.

It is thanks to him that David opens up and talks about his apprehensions at the idea of ​​having to take care of his niece alone. This is one of the rare dramatic roles of the 43-year-old actor and his performance leads us to say that we would see him much more often in this register.

Out of 236 reviews, 187 Internet users attribute Amanda at least 3 stars out of 5.

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Jonathan Cohen in Amanda

Internet user traversay1 writes: “This feeling of mourning. The subject had already been covered by Mikhaël Hers but in Amanda, he approaches it more head-on, emotionally speaking. While maintaining this delicacy and subtlety which make him a rare filmmaker who never takes the “easy” route.

Thus, he does not film the violence in action in Amanda, nor a scene as obvious as that of the funeral. What interests him is the life that goes on and the way in which pain is controlled, alone or together.

Member Christoblog highlights the emotion felt in the film: “Acclaimed by critics and the public, Amanda has everything to please as many people as possible: a clear story, an embodied interpretation, a dramatic subject and situations with a strong emotional charge.

For AM11: ““Amanda” is one of those post-November 13 films that talk about what happens after the attacks, with all the difficulties encountered by those who remain. A film about mourning, but also about the trauma linked to this difficult ordeal.

Frederic T concludes: “A wonderful life lesson written with rare sensitivity. Do not miss.

Amanda is currently available on Netflix.

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