A young mother throws her newborn baby in the trash, hours after birth


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Panicked after the birth of her baby, a young mother of 18 decides to get rid of it and throws it in the trash.

It is a surreal scene which revealed by the images of the surveillance cameras of the city of Hobbs in New Mexico (United States). At the end of last week, a young woman threw her newborn baby in a dumpster before being arrested a few hours later.

Alexis Avila is only 18 years old, according to the facts revealed by the police officers in charge of the investigation, the young woman admitted that she was still unaware of her pregnancy last Thursday, January 6. After strong repetitive stomach pains, Alexis had decided to make an appointment with her doctor, it was the latter who would have told her that she was denying her pregnancy.
The young woman also said that she had given birth to her baby alone, the day after the announcement, sitting on the cupboard in her bathroom. She would then have placed the newborn in a bath towel before putting it in a garbage bag which she then went to deposit in a dumpster.

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6 hours in the dumpster

At nightfall, three passers-by finally found the newborn after hearing him cry. At first, they thought it was a small kitten but the surprise was great when they opened the trash bag.
CCTV footage shows a young woman finding the child in the trash and comforting him before calling for help.
The baby, although unharmed, was in the dumpster for almost 6 hours. Upon their arrival, the emergency services immediately drove the toddler to the hospital for change. It was then turned over to the New Mexico Youth Protection Branch.

The young mother was released on bail pending an upcoming court appearance.

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