A young woman sentenced for taking the morning after pill too late

In England, a young woman has been sentenced for taking the morning after pill well after the legal deadline of weeks of pregnancy. Explanations.

In England, the law is clear: pregnant women are allowed to have an abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy. A British woman was sentenced this Monday, June 12, to 28 months in prison. His offence? Lying to her doctors and aborting beyond the legal time allowed. Aged 44, this woman is already the mother of three children. But in 2019, she got pregnant again. To have an abortion, she therefore lied to her doctors about the duration of her pregnancy.

So she was prescribed abortion pills, the doctors believing she was seven weeks pregnant. But in reality, this mother was already 32 to 34 weeks pregnant. As a reminder, childbirth takes place between the 37th and 42nd week of amenorrhea. This woman therefore tried to have an abortion in May 2020, before calling the emergency services because she was giving birth. As a result, the child was born then pronounced dead 45 minutes later by doctors. The woman was therefore prosecuted for “child-destruction”.

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The woman condemned by the English justice

The term “child destruction” refers to causing the death of an unborn child who could have been born alive. The mother of the family began by pleading not guilty, before finally plead guilty to knowingly taking abortion drugs. As a result, she gets 28 months in prison, 14 of which were suspended.

“She lied (to abortion services) about the length of her pregnancy. The medication was a planned and deliberate act,” said the prosecution. An opinion that is not unanimous. Indeed, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (which runs clinics performing abortions), also commented on the case: “We are shocked and appalled by the decision to sentence a mother of three to 28 months in prison for using abortion pills to terminate her own pregnancy.” An opinion widely shared by Internet users on Twitter.

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