A2 was closed – crash after emergency braking: total loss of truck

Because another truck driver in front of him made abrupt driving maneuvers, a 52-year-old car driver from Styria had to initiate emergency braking. But that meant he could no longer avoid it.

The accident occurred at the Klagenfurt-West motorway junction shortly after midnight on Tuesday night. “The 52-year-old was traveling in the direction of Vienna and stated that a truck in front of him suddenly braked and accelerated again. Because of this driving behavior, he initiated emergency braking,” explains the police. “He crashed into an impact absorber.” The vehicle was a total loss in the accident, but fortunately the driver himself was uninjured – an alcohol test was also negative. “The truck blocked the entire road in the direction of Vienna. The lockdown could only be lifted after more than three hours at 3:40 a.m.,” said the police. “The truck had to be towed away, the fork had to be reorganized, the construction site had to be re-signed and the roadway cleaned.” In addition to the motorway police, the Pörtschach and Krumpendorf volunteer fire departments were also on duty.
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