Aaliyah: Why their music is still not "liberated"

Why their music is still not "liberated"

Aaliyah was posthumously nominated for a Grammy

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The trustees of the singer Aaliyah are turning to their fans on her 42nd birthday – and ask for further patience.

Aaliyah (1979-2001, "Aaliyah") would have turned 42 on January 16. The estate administrators of the singer who died in a plane crash 20 years ago have decided in a tweet addressed to the fans of Aaliyah. In this they ask for further patience. The reason for this is the fact that Aaliyah's music is not published on the main streaming platforms even 20 years after her death.

"We hear and see you," begins the message to the fans. "We share your feelings and the desire to release Aaliyah's music, but we have to acknowledge that these things are out of our hands and unfortunately take time. Our inability to share Aaliyah's music and art with the world was in Just as difficult for us in recent years as it was for you. Our priority has always been and will always be Aaliyah's music. "

The patience of the fans remains tense

Most recently, on the day of her death (August 25), Aaliyah's executives announced that talks between them and several music labels were over and that their music would be released on streaming platforms. But because that has not happened yet, they turn to the fans again.

The statement continues: "In the meantime, however, we continue to work diligently to protect what is in our control – Aaliyah's brand, heritage and intellectual property. (…) We understand that it is challenging, but we still need the support of the fans Aaliyah loved so much until we can find a solution to free Aaliyah's music. "

The statement does not reveal exactly what the dispute between the labels, streaming platforms and estate administrators is. Aaliyah celebrated her greatest successes around the turn of the millennium with her albums "One in a Million" and "Aaliyah".