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Michael Saylor is not thinking of reducing his Bitcoin holdings. Rather, he sees the Bitcoin adoption wave rolling off.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is considered one of the most important Bitcoin advocates within the crypto space. No matter how deep the BTC price sinks, it will not sell a single Satoshi, he said in one interview With Coin Stories. In it, the entrepreneur spoke about the possible consequences that another drop in the price of digital value storage would mean for both his private and business assets of his company.

As a reminder, MicroStrategy is the largest investment company in Bitcoin. At the end of June, the IT company again expanded its inventory by 13,005 BTC. This now holds more than 105,000 BTC in its treasury – over $ 3.3 billion. However, the price of the industry leader is currently close to the average price that the business intelligence company paid.

Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin Adoption Proceeds”

Michael Saylor doesn’t let that bother him. Even if such a scenario were to occur, he would not sell a single satoshi. On the contrary: the adoption of the cryptocurrency is advancing more and more, which in the long term will allow more and more investors to recognize the value of Bitcoin. To clarify his statement, the MicroStrategy CEO compares the process to the discovery of fire or electricity:

It took mankind 100,000 years to discover fire. That was only going on slowly. I think it was around 20 to 30 years for electricity. Bitcoin won’t take that long as the information about it spreads much faster. However, it could still be a decade.

Michael Saylor to Coin Stories.

At the same time, Saylor does not see the potential of the cryptocurrency as a competitor to the US dollar – but it does to gold. It is easier to get rich with Bitcoin than with the precious metal, so the Bitcoin magnate concluded.