Abandoned as a baby in Orly, Émilie is still looking for her parents

Twenty years after being abandoned by her biological parents, Émilie tries desperately to find their traces, without success.

"I have no information. I want to know the truth. I just want to build myself with answers because the mystery is bewitching but resonates too much in the abyss of my endless imagination. "In 1994, when she was only nine months old, the girl was found by an employee of a counter of a car rental company in the west terminal, at Orly airport. . Alone, in a stroller, under a blanket, she had nothing but diapers and milk on her. This woman had directly notified the border police who made calls all day, to try to find the parents or even possible witnesses, to no avail. The baby was then placed in a departmental child care center (ASE) in Sucy-en-Brie. After a year of investigation, she was adopted by a family in Val-de-Marne.

Over 20 years later, she's trying to figure out what happened. Supported by those around her, she launched an appeal on Facebook last April to find her biological parents and finally find out her story. "I imagine every possible situation imaginable but it is exhausting to make up stories all the time"

Open questions

After an online DNA test, she discovered that she had origins in North India and the Grand Est region of France or Germany. "I learned that I was mixed race: roughly 50% Indian and 50% of a European parent (French a priori, probably from the Grand-Est of France, or possibly Germany). So there may be family in France who are aware ”, she confides. The young woman still does not know any information about his birth, or even the day of the abandonment. "I don't know what time I was born, I don't know where I was born, I don't know if I had a birth name, if I was with a mother, with a father", she confides at the microphone of TF1.

In her post, Émilie wanted to put all the odds in her favor, accompanying her post with photos, including that of the stroller and a photo of her at the time. "Please help me share this post and these photos on social media, everywhere and to everyone. I'm sure that somewhere, someone knows something … ", she wrote on Facebook during her call now shared thousands of times.

The unwavering support of his parents

In her quest, Émilie is supported by her adoptive family, who try to unravel the mystery surrounding this abandonment. “She doesn't know if she was born in a maternity hospital, if her mom was happy when she was born, if she was loved. It is a terrible void. So we fully understand that she needs answers to help her build ", affirm Monique and Philippe, the adoptive parents.

Today, the 20-year-old is still waiting for her questions to be answered, but she knows full well that someone has the truth.

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