Abandoned children’s bike – emergency services looked for children by helicopter

A child’s bicycle that was left in the area of ​​the Glanbrücke in Ebenthal near Klagenfurt triggered a major operation on Wednesday. According to the police, a 43-year-old woman had observed a boy about twelve years old who had left the bike there, but had not returned. The search was canceled in the evening without any result.

The fire brigade, police, ambulance and emergency divers searched the Glan in the Ebenthal community for a missing child on Wednesday evening. “An eyewitness told the emergency services that a children’s bike was found in the bank area,” said a police officer.

In addition to eleven police officers and around 60 firefighters, a police helicopter and a police dog were also in use.

The police have not yet received any reports of a missing child. The children’s mountain bike has been secured and an agreement has been deposited, the executive announced.