ABBA: New songs are currently being created in the studio

New songs are currently being created in the studio

ABBA in 1977 during the period of their greatest success

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The long announced comeback of the cult band ABBA is becoming more and more concrete. Björn Ulvaeus has now announced new music for this year.

Soon the time has finally come: the Swedish cult band ABBA is back in the studio and will be releasing new music this year. At least this was confirmed by member Björn Ulvaeus (76) in an interview with “The Herold Sun” and the “New York Times”. “This year there will be new music. That has been decided,” he told the British newspaper, for example. It is no longer a question of whether it will happen, it will happen.

They currently meet regularly in Stockholm and he is recording new songs with Angetha Fältskog (71), Benny Andersson (74) and Anni-Frid Lyngstad (75). It is the first time in 40 years that we are together in a music studio again. There is still a strong bond between the four members and they are very good friends.

Comback plans repeatedly postponed

After the incredibly successful 1970s, ABBA took a break from the band, which in principle continues to this day. Before that, in 1980 the couple Fältskog and Ulvaeus divorced, and a year later Lyngstad and Andersson divorced. In April 2018, ABBA announced that it would release at least two new songs. However, the actual date at the end of 2018 has been postponed repeatedly until today.

Whether it will really come to the publications remains at least slightly questionable. Most recently, Ulvaeus announced in April 2019 that new music would come in autumn of the same year. It didn’t come to that either. A hologram tour was planned parallel to the new songs, with which ABBA wanted to return to the stage at least virtually. At the latest with the corona pandemic, the specific plans were initially on hold, but should be resumed and made up for in 2021.