ABBA’s comeback: that’s what they sound like after a 40-year hiatus

ABBA’s comeback
This is what the ABBA sound sounds like after a 40 year break

We had to wait almost four decades, now ABBA have returned with a new album.


We had to wait almost 40 years for ABBA to come back. Now the time has finally come and they have presented their new album. Your fans and followers around the world are thrilled.

No comeback has been longed for more in the music scene in recent years than that of the Swedish music icons ABBA. Now, after a 40-year hiatus, they have finally presented their new studio album. The name of their latest release seems to be program, because with “Voyage” they want to tour the world again. Not only the local fans of Agnetha Fältskog, 71, Björn Ulvaeus, 76, Benny Andersson, 74, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 73, as the real names of the stars are, are looking forward to the new songs.

ABBA’s comeback: The Swedes are back with “Voyage”

The music icons had a decisive influence on the disco sound in the late seventies and still countless fans all over the world who have been eagerly awaiting the new album and are looking forward to the upcoming concert series. ABBA keeps up with the times and has come up with something completely new for their tour of “Voyage”. We’ll tell you in the video what it is and what the new album sounds like.

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