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Some states have requested the postponement of surgical interventions considered to be medically non-priority. These conservative states take into account the use of abortion.

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Around the world, many surgical procedures have to be suspended in order to favor the management of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, certain interventions are not considered urgent and are therefore delayed. In the United States, some conservative states seem to take advantage of this to avoid voluntary terminations of pregnancy. Many women's rights defenders have spoken out against this. Indeed, we see that states like Texas and Ohio, for example, have ordered the postponement "interventions that are not immediately medically necessary" and that takes into account abortions. Texas Governor Greg Abbott's argument is that it will free up beds to care for people with Covid-19.

The sanctions for those who do not respect these rules are strict. In a press release from Ken Paxton, Attorney General of the State of Texas, it states: "Those who break the governor's order will be punished with the full force of the law" Sentences can go up to 180 days in prison and a fine of $ 1,000.

"An excuse to apply their ideological program"

However, as numerous defenders of women's rights favorable to abortion point out, the termination of pregnancy cannot wait. These are emergency surgical procedures. Kathy Miller, president of the local association for the defense of the right to abortion, deplores one more strategy to limit the rights of women to dispose of their bodies freely: "It is not surprising to see the Attorney General use any excuse to carry out his ideological agenda." For her, "postponing interventions amounts to denying the constitutional right of women" recalling that the right to abortion was already limited in Texas even before the spread of the coronavirus.

In Ohio, the use of abortion is also more threatened. Three abortion clinics have been asked by the Attorney General to interrupt the practice of abortion in their establishments. But the American family planning retorted not to give in to the pressure, recalling the urgency of surgical procedures like abortion: "Abortions are essential and urgent medical procedures. These establishments confirm that their doors will remain open for this treatment."

The right to abortion increasingly questioned in the United States

Last year, we were doing an inventory regarding the right to abortion in the United States, 46 years after its legalization at the Supreme Court. The Conservative government of Donald Trump and the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as a judge of the Supreme Court have only heightened the concerns of women's rights advocates.

The abortion, like surgery of necessity is, once again flouted. The health crisis caused by the coronavirus further undermines the rights of women to dispose of their bodies. However, since 1973 in the United States, the use of abortion has been a constitutional right. However, this right is framed differently in each State of America. While some give favorable access to the termination of pregnancy, others use all means to ensure that the health of women is not a priority.

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